Quiksilver Softboard Break - Kalamata Green

€ 295,00

The Quiksilver Break is an evolutionary mini-malibu surfboard that will help you progress in your surfing skills while catching maximum waves on an easy and stable board. Its generous volume makes paddling and early take-offs easy. With its longboard-inspired, stable, and maneuverable outline, the QUIKSILVER Break provides a large gliding surface. Experienced riders can have fun with nose rides and appreciate its maneuverability. The QUIKSILVER Break is perfectly suited for small summer swells and crowded spots. Constructed with foam on the base of a composite core reinforced by two wooden stringers, the deck and rail coverings are high-quality, reassuring, and durable, preventing potential injuries. The hull is covered with an anti-shock slick. The board comes with three flexible fins. This thruster configuration (3 fins) is the perfect balance between stability and maneuver